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Enjoy "Midwatch with the Rev" radio show and "Ignite Your Day" TV show hosted by Dr. David Yanez.

Nov 16, 2017

First Segment

Today I wanted to introduce a New Relationship Show that we will start producing soon. They will be short videos or audio encouraging the listners in regards to relationships.  It was after watching so many reports of harmful abuse to women from husbands, boyfriends, ex-husbands and even strangers that it grieved my hear. I have prayed much on this we will begin to a series of relationship programs that will air on our Faith & Friends CDN channel. I pray that we help these wonderful women get stronger and find the necessary help needed.

Second Segment

Talking about healing and miracles from our first Igniter Next Wave Healing Service prior to cruise.

Join us for a half hour of faith, encouragement and fun with your host Dr. David Yanez.

"Midwatch has been around for a longtime now because the subject of faith never gets old. Faith affects our entire life daily in all areas. Let me be your faith coach!"

Dr. David Yanez